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Why We Exist

In the 2008 presidential elections, Minnesota registered the highest voter turnout than any other U.S State. In fact, reports showed that 77.8% of all eligible Minnesotans voted. It is in this regard that this State is known for its politically active citizenry. The people of Minnesota participate in major political issues and are keen to follow on the developments in the political arena. It is this realization that we saw the need of creating this site that will endeavor to keep the citizens of Minnesota posted with local regional and national political news and social issues.

With the presidential campaigns underway, there are a lot of political activities going on that we believe it is fair to keep concerned Minnesota citizens on the know. As we all know that presidential hopefuls are gearing up for the 2016 political party nominations. This site will act as an informer, and observer of all the activities by these potential presidential candidates. Currently, we all know that there are many issues that need to be tackled by the next president of the United States of America. This site will present an analysis of each candidate’s ideologies, and policies.

For example, the education sector is every ones concern as American students are facing school fees burden. Major events are taking place including the recently Obama student debt law that was passed and now we have Hillary Clinton coming with her college affordability plan. Through this site, we shall present analysis about the practicability of such plans and present a verdict on whether citizens will benefit equally. More so, in this campaign period, this site will cover issues such as the campaign finance. For instance, all fundraising activities that will take place in the state of Minnesota will be candidly presented.

Other major issues that affect the people of Minnesota include the healthcare sector. We know that local and national politics have great influence on this sector. All state and federal legislations directed towards the health sector will be discussed in this site’s forum. Also, important issues such as medical insurance covers for the people of Minnesota will be tackled. Besides, this site will be used as a watchdog on how the state government conducts its affairs. For example how the government handles citizen data on taxes is of great concern to the citizens of Minnesota.

Therefore, with the knowledge that politics influences the way things are done and in the long run this may contribute positively or negatively to the wellness of the people, we came up with this site to empower the people. The site is a platform that can be used by the citizens of Minnesota to keep abreast on the local and national political affairs. We have incorporated sections where people can report social issues; give their views, and also place complains on what they believe is not politically correct. In essence, we built this site to empower the people with information concerning their current and future potential leaders. It is a neutral site that addresses concerns for republicans and democrats alike.