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Political Parties in Minnesota – Major & Minor

A minor political party is one that is said to have a state constitution and a party chair. It also must have held a state convention in the past two years and certifying these facts to the state secretary. A major political party is one that maintains party organization in the state, political subdivision or confines in question. The major political parties in Minnesota include the following:

Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor-Party

This is a social liberal political party in the state of Minnesota’s politics. It is a party that is correlated with the US Democratic Party. The party was also formed by the amalgamation of Minnesota Democratic Party and the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party in 1944. Orville Freeman was elected the first DFL governor in 1954. Some prominent members of the party have included Huber H. Humphrey, General Walter Mondale, Eugene McCarthy, and Paul Wellstone. Its current leadership includes the following:

– Chairperson: Ken Martin

– Vice Chair: Marge Hoffa

– Treasurer: Ron Harris

– Secretary: Jacob Grippen

– Outreach Officer: Shivanthi Sathanandan

Republican Party of Minnesota

This is a conservative political party in the US that is aligned with the US Republican Party. The party dominated the state for approximately the first seventy years of Minnesota’s statehood (1858-1920s). Initially, the party was known as the Independent-Republicans of Minnesota. In the year 2010, Republicans managed to take control of the state Legislature. This was a big achievement for them because, for three decades, they have never taken the seats.

Unfortunately, they did not last long in the seats because they lost both of them in 2012. The party also has had economic upheavals, for instance, they had stopped paying their headquarters rent. When the areas were close to $111,000, their landlord filed eviction summon against them. They moved to their new residence in Minneapolis’s Seward neighborhood in 2014.

Currently, the party is the minority party in the Minnesota Senate and the majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives because they hold three seats out of the eight United States House of Representative seats.

The minor political parties in Minnesota include the following:

  • Grassroots Party

It is a single issue political party in the USA that was created in 1986. Its main work was to oppose drug prohibition with more emphasis being on Marijuana legalization issues. It was established in 1986 by Derrick Grimmer, Chris Wright, Oliver Steinberg, and Team Davis as an independent political party.

  • The Independence Party of Minnesota

It was formerly known as the Reform Party of Minnesota. Its founder is Minnesota’s former Governor Jesse Ventura (1999-2003). The party has taken candidates for most of the statewide political races hence considered major political party from 1994-2014. But it lost its crown when its candidates were unable to attain the 5% of the vote in 2014.

  • Libertarian Party of Minnesota

It is a state confederated party of the US Libertarian Party. It was formed in 1972 as a state group. The first meeting was held in Minneapolis where Ed Contoski was elected as the party’s first chairman. The current leadership is headed by Chris Dock, who is the state party chair and assisted by S.L Malleck.

There are other parties that have not met the standards of ascending to be minor or major parties, for example, the constitutional party, Green party, and the Ecology Democracy Party.

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