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Sign up for a property tax yard sign today!

Orders are placed and signs will be delivered at the end of the week

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With the deep snow we can get out those yard signs again. We are working with many frustrated DFL'ers, Greens and Republicans throughout the city to reduce the impact of the proposed property tax increases.

From our previous issue campaigns we know that it was too easy to point to LGA as the sole problem when it has only been one portion. A city which has built it's budget around around an annual 7-8% property tax increase with rich assessment gains has been a larger problem. This year the skids came off.

By displaying this sign you are standing up for a long term fix. The state needs to return to time when LGA was not cut in some gimmick to fool the taxpayer. The city no longer can point fingers solely on the state. While your mayor and governor have been running for higher office, you have been balancing your checkbook. They have not.

By proudly displaying this sign in you are saying Minneapolis can't afford to sqeeze working class citizens anymore . It's time for the state to be honest about LGA and raising local taxes. It's also time for the City of Minneapolis to realize that it has created much of the problem itself.