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Living in Minnesota

Me: Welcome to clear blue water

Visitor: What?

Me: I hope you will get a chance to see the laughing water and the crooked water.

Visitor: what are you on about?

That was how I welcomed a guest to Minneapolis and he had no Idea what was going on, in fact not many people know what all that is about but actually the name Minnesota is Native-American (Dakota) for clear blue water and Minnetrista is actually crooked water. I think it is a nice way to introduce someone to this wonderful state that has one of the highest standards of living in the USA but also has a history.

Life in Minnesota

If you live in the urban areas like Minneapolis, then you will find Minnesota a very metropolitan state with all the qualities of living in an urban metropolis. Everyone is very busy chasing after something or the other and life generally is fast paced. According to statistics, Minnesota is a state with one of the highest quality of life. What can I say? We live life and we love it. There is good education for the children, nice jobs for the adults and many people here are rich. When it comes to the type of people here, well the majority are White but still like any urban centre, it is culturally diverse. You will run into Latinos, Africans, Eastern Europeans and Native Americans. There are varied dialects of the English language spoken here and we all get along. St Pauls which together with Minneapolis forms the Twin city, is not too different from Minneapolis. Except for the fact that it is less populated than Minneapolis which is the most populous city.

There are 15 other cities that make up Minnesota but it is impossible to get into detail about all of them so here is just a list of them and you can try to say all of them in one breath:

– Rochester

– Duluth

– Bloomington

– Brooklyn Park

– Plymouth

– Saint Cloud

– Woodbury

– Eagan

– Maple Grove

– Coon Rapids

– Eden Prairie

– Minnetonka

– Burnsville

– Apple Valley

– Blaine

– Lakeville

If you visited each one of these cities, you would realise that there is a lot of diversity in Minnesota. There is the rural farm life, the native life and the urban life all in one State. It is possible to get away from the hassle of modern life and retire to nature without living the state. The Prairies, the Great Lakes and buffalos can all be found in this state.

This is also the State that is known for giving America and the world musicians like Prince, Soul Asylum, Eddie Cochran and the group Atmosphere. But that is not all, The Daily Show on Comedy Central was created by 2 citizens of Minnesota called Craig and Lizz – they are household names round here so we call them by their first names. In General, this state has contributed a lot to shaping the entertainment industry in The USA.

It should be worth mentioning that we live very long. Minnesota has one of the lowest occupational fatalities, premature deaths, cardiovascular disease and the highest health insurance rates so all this contributes to us being ranked the healthiest state in America. If you are anti-tobacco then you will find it refreshing to know that there is a Statewide ban on smoking in bars and restaurants.


While Minnesota has just about the same political organisation as so many other states in America, one of our little known political arrangements involves a native government that is Semi Autonomous and negotiates with the State on a state nation to nation basis. The native government is made up of 11 reservations made up of the Native American tribes that still preserve a lot of their cultural practices.

Generally, most of the citizenry of Minnesota are active in politics with one of the highest voter turnouts in the country during elections. In the last general elections, we registered 78.2 percent voter turnout.

The downside of Minnesota

Well it is not all great and glorious for our lovely state so here is the downside

– The winters are unforgiving

– The great lakes have great mosquitoes too

– No alcohol on Sunday…No seriously don’t do it.