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man-315905_640Minnesota is known for its population of highly political citizens, I am no exception to this. I follow what is going on in this state and I definitely have an opinion on so much that goes on around here. As a writer, it comes naturally for me to put pen to paper whenever I see something of interest happening in my community. Politics plays a big part in determining what our lives will be like and I feel my contribution towards shaping Minnesota is sharing my observations of what goes on.

I believe that pointing out what you see going on will always foster some kind of reaction. I prefer that the reaction is positive which is why I offer a liberal observation. Other times there are just things that need to be explained because even the senators do not seem to understand it. Explaining it will help others understand and will also put my own understanding to the test since if I am way off the mark I am comfortable being corrected, just make sure of your facts because I too do a lot of research on the facts that I may assert.

I may not be the type to pick up a placard and picket the courthouse or to walk around naked in support of a cause, but I still believe in being heard and in speaking out so that you can be heard so this is the best way I know how. Writing preserves opinions and ideas long after an incident has occurred. It freezes an opinion expressed so that that opinion can be heard throughout time by whoever comes across it.

As a journalist for more than a decade, I have developed a sixth sense for detail, I realise nothing is just as simple as it may appear on the surface, there is always something beneath the simplest cover and I like to find out what that is. I sometimes come off as passive but that is only because it helps my subjects relax and not try too hard to conceal what lies underneath. When the situation however, demands explicit attention I will demonstrate that if it will help me understand a person or situation better without intimidating anyone.

I am also an ordinary Joe, I pay my taxes despite all the pain that comes with it, I hope my children will go to a good college, I wear the pants in the home but my wife tells me what to do and I hope someday I will win the lottery. I make my observations from this point of view. As a Husband, as a father and a citizen of America and Minnesota. The things I talk about are things that affect me just as much as the next guy.

I do not subscribe to a particular party but I will gladly applaud any party that will convince me that it has my best interests at heart or one that proves that it listens to what I have to say and values my wellbeing and that of my community. For me, it is al about being fair and getting the things that need to be done, done.